Adhering to the core of the Nordic design ideas” people –oriented”. Every detail is considered to the design aesthetic, practical science, psychology experience and so on. It creates the greatest convenience and comfort consumers end- use.

Selective material, perfect quality! VERONA ITALY knows, quality and technology have a crucial impact on design. To this end, VERONA ITALY has done hundreds of times for the meticulous materialize and mechanical properties analyzing.Each production process had been Seiko manufactured, each component has been of more than 100 times quality control, each production link is closely monitored. Accordingly, VERONA ITALY select high quality materials and develop innovative peer-to- leading technology. And VERONA ITALY apply them to its very products.

Each detail’s design, displays the incisive human nature concern idea: One time takes shape the craft has guaranteed the product absolute containment; The nanometer causes the dirt from the clean glaze to be extremely difficult to absorb, very easy clean; static sound parachutes approach principal reduction noise production; The dismountable lap causes the clean to work handily; the urea aldehyde lap has the ceramics sense of reality surface, degree of hardness is high, firm durable. Is not easy to scratch, after abandoning, in the nature may degrade the fertilizer naturally, will not cause the environmental pollution.

Perfect details, reserved luxury. VERONA ITALY, each product reflects the high degree of concern of human nature.

From the appearance to function, on the whole to details…. From any angle, you could feel the unique charm of the Nordic design! VERONA ITALY is not only to provide sanitary ware products. Produce only the color or material, but a carefully planes system of values.


Relay on the principal of the forerunner of international technique equipment’s and the careful system of production control. VERONA ITALY bath each product, from the beginning of born, will need through design esthetics, the person machine engineering, the layer after test of the experience psychology etc. Then each work is nicely process, careful and attentive quality check of each zero parts, just can be sent your hand. Each step takes international level as standard just infinite satisfy your quality need. The latest material and technique usage more relief VERONA ITALY eager innovation trend.

We pursue persevering the international quality, now have again move country quality approve, each uncommon product, each perfect detail all can feel VERONA ITALY bath charm. We offer only the perfect quality product, but also the meticulous molded life style .


Simple’s to perfection. Fitness to culmination undertake three mission of point. Surface and space, not reluctant and become one integrated mass


Design aspiration comes from nature, It’s like a peaceful place. perfect combination with the qall fresh and spotless, to create a natural harmony.


  • Good at absorbing inspiration from life
  • Interpreting with an artistic language.
  • Expressing life with design.
  • Jumping and rolling lines look gentle and everything harmonious.
  • There is a balance of movement.
  • Stillness You can feel flow of dignity.


  • With masterly process, pursue perfect quality as well as superior enjoyment.
  • Touch your heart with the artistic aspiration,
  • Making the noisy mind return to calm,
  • Beautiful feelings come from needs of every detail of life.


A small part constructs a brand, a comfortable habitation a kind of elegant temperament.