Make your bathroom basin available for disables.

There are a few options for your sink – fixed wall-mounted, swing (which can be moved away from the wall), lateral (which can be moved along the wall) or height-adjustable.

First of all, consider your abilities and what equipment you need. Do you use a wheelchair? How far can you reach? People will often transfer from the wheelchair onto the toilet, and wash their hands whilst still sat on it, so it needs to be at an appropriate height and distance.

Wall-mounted ‘floating’ wash hand basins, i.e. ones without a pedestal underneath it, offer more flexibility and keep the floor space clear. They can be set at the appropriate height for one person, or fitted onto adjustable wall brackets so the height can be changed for different people using it. They can also be fitted so they can be swung to the side or slid along, to optimise access to other fixtures.

If you go for one of these, ensure that there is a flexible water supply and waste system, and that is it properly installed so the wheelchair won’t ‘snag’ the pipework.

Also, as people often use the basin in place of a support rail, ensure the fitter has made it strong enough to support the basin and someone weight-bearing on it.