Quality Assurance

WATERMARK certification is the certification marks of Standards Australia Limited. It is the product quality certification provided by the independent certification organization, it ensures that the products conform to the related laws and regula-tions of bath, as well as the product standards of Australian. According to the laws and regulations, all the sanitary product that installed in Australia need compulsory certification on this matter.

WELS is the abbreviation of Water Efficiency Labeling Scheme, it requires the product within the specified range to be labelled to signal its efficient use of water , these solutions product should conform to the state of water efficiency label and the standards set ofby the standard below 2005 Act.

Professional Focus

Rely on the principle of the forerunner of international technique equipments and The careful system of production control.NIERSI bath each products,from the beginning of born,will need Through design esthetics,the person mach-ine engineering,the layer after layer test of the experience psychology etc. Then is each work nicety process, careful and attentive quality check of each zero parts,tight supervision of each link, just can be sent to your hand.Each step all take international level as standard,just infinite satisfy your quality need. the latest material and technique usage more relief NIERSI eager innovation trend.

We pursue persevering the international quality,now have gain move country quality approve,each uncommon pro-duct,each perfect detail all can feel NIERSI bath charm.We offer only the perfect quality product,but also the metic-ulous molded life style.